tirsdag 20. desember 2011

Spitfires done!

Apologies for missing out on the promised update yesterday - my youngest daughter was ill, meaning the day didn't go exactly as planned!

Having come a long way since blog startup last week :) I have decided to move away from daily updates. First of all, real life has already put a dent into that idea. Second, having realised how blog following works (hey, I was a blog illiterate less than a week ago), I see that you will get my updates straight into your summary - which means those who are interested will get the information without having to check this site every day.

That being said, I will keep the daily update as the ideal for weekdays. Holiday seasons are also periods where I expect the blog might get a bit jittery. The final detractor is work.

Enough beating about the bush!

This weekend, I got a fair bit of miniature work in, being able to sit down for both Saturday and Sunday evenings. As a result, my Spitfires are finished!

Recap: The last posted pic saw my final five Spits with finished paint jobs.

Saturday, I was able to get 30 rondels cut, soaked and fixed. That work is a pain, particularily aligning the little devils. The side rondels on these spits are ridiculously large, yet seemed fine to my untrained eyes when doing the first four miniatures almost a year ago and I had to follow though with these. Lesson learned.

Lining up decals symmetrically is awful, yet I have devised a system to make the process as, uh, little mind-numbingly tedious as possible. First, I attach the fuselage rondels, as these are the worst to line up. One of them will be attached so that it looks right, then the other will be aligned by looking with one eye along the fuselage. Awful! Second, top wing rondels then finally the bottom ones. These go on reasonably quick after I realised that using one of my square-ended files as a measuring device, the side-to-side alignment became much easier.

Here, fully varnished and ready to game with! At my level of painting and detailing, any markings beyond rondels are dispensed with in the interest of my sanity and continued desire to game.

Later posts this week will contain a high quality picture of all nine Spits, as well as miniature review, paints used and details on rondels and varnishing.

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  1. Very nice planes. The Spitfire is one of my favorite fighters.

    My youngest son was ill today too. I hope your daughter is better.

  2. Looking good. Don't worry about missing posts. Just post when you have the time, otherwise blogging will become just another chore.