onsdag 14. desember 2011

Dorniers arrived

Yesterday, I received the twelve 1/300 Do17z I ordrered for my Battle of Britain collection.

The order was placed by web store monday a week ago, after a very friendly conversation by phone with Museum Miniatures in England to check stock status. They had three in stock, yet cast the balance before lunch and had everything shipped the same day. Overall, very impressed with customer service. The miniatures themselves were neat and clean. Some moulding lines and flash had to be removed, yet no more than is usual. Prices were good. Very good experience overall. Although their range of WWII aircraft is quite limited, Museum Miniatures are warmly recommended:

The size of the miniatures was a shock, and I had do do some quick googling to verify that yes, the Do17z were that big! Comparing the model with my 1/300 Spitfires verified that the scale was good. For some reason I had the impression that the Dorniers were one of Germany's smaller bombers, although as far as I could tell both the Junkers 88a and Heinkel 111 were actually shorter. The allied heavy bombers, however... Do17z 16 meters, Liberator 20, Lancaster 21 and Flying Fortress 22 meters!

Cleaned the first model of flash yesterday and attached a 3mm supermagnet, tested the flying base and verified that it worked as planned. Next up is soap water cleaning, priming and painting to finish the first "concept model". This will have to be done parallell to finishing the Spitfires, which await decals and varnish.

To sum up, very good customer experience and very nice miniatures. Looking forward to getting the first model painted.

Dreadful mistake to make the first post without pictures. Will get some in ASAP, and make sure to have pictures before making future posts!

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  1. Good start anyway! Looking forward to pictures in the next post ;-)

  2. I am interested in wargaming with 1/300 planes since years... only played a couple of times. Please post more!!

  3. Here I just had to go back and make this comment... Read the Wiki entry on the Short Stirling the other day, and it was a massive TWENTY-SIX POINT SIX meters! 26.6! Ok, the Superfortess was in excess of 30 meters - the first B-29 combat mission was June '44. The Stirling's first combat sortie was February '41!

    26.6, whew...!

  4. Per,

    Trying to contact to find out what happened to the BTH cards you worked on. I enjoyed your blog and am about to start a campaign myself.

    email gcassels@lncassociates.com



    1. Thanks for getting in touch, I can't believe it's been half a year since I last posted here!

      Truth be told, I burned out on the project. The cards were made in Excel, which was fine for churning out black-and-white cards of passable quality. For some reason, I got the megalomanical idea that I should learn to use layout software (scribus) to make the cards better looking (and also add colour) and easier to change with later revisions to text and images. That idea finally tipped that hairline balance between gaming time and preparation time well into the red, and for the last half year I have been playing computer games exclusively (the shame)!

      Now to answer your question, the cards are still there in their original version - Excel format. If you are interested, I'd be perfectly willing to mail you my material, though be warned that it is still incomplete and tailored to the simplified "Bag the Hun Lite" rules modifications I have been working with - so the text will not be correct for the full version in many cases. Let me know.

      Taking a look at my blog for the first time in half a year, I'm feeling that old gamer itch starting again and though I can make no promises it is not impossible that I'd start posting regularly again. Six months is about what I need to "reset" for a game and start afresh. Likely, the layout software idea will be discarded in favour of actually getting some games in!

  5. Per,

    Thanks for the update, I would appreciate the cards in their current form, it is always easier not to reinvent the wheel again.

    I am delighted to hear that you might start posting again.

    Yours aye