torsdag 15. desember 2011

Pictures - or it didn't happen!

How very pleasant (and unexpected) to see some comments and followers already! Thanks, people :)

In a follow-up to yesterday's post, here are some images of the Dorniers cast by Museum Miniatures:

Clean sculpt and clear, etched details. Overall a very crisp, tidy model.

Belly up! Conveniently, the center of gravity was right below the wings. Thus, the hole for the 3mm super magnet wound up smack bang in the middle of the bomb bay doors! Due to the tendency for the drill to wander when using such "large" diameter, I always drill a 1mm guiding hole first. Though the image does not show the detail perfectly, everyting up to and including the belly rear gunner nacelle are beautifully rendered.

Depth-of-view on the phone camera is abhorrent, yet this should be sufficient to give an idea of the clean lines of the aircraft.
"The machine is as nimble as a fighter" - Flight Captain  Untucht after flying the prototype

The distinctive profile that earned the Do17 the nickname "Fliegender Bleistift" (flying pencil).

A comparison shot with one of my WIP Spits, showing exactly why I was so stunned by its size when opening the envelope. I used to think of the Hurricane as a big aircraft!

Bonus shot - my last five WIP Spits. Only decals and varnish to go!

Sticking with the phone camera for now on WIP images to keep this blog low treshold - though will dig out the digital cam for finished projects. Promise!

More information on the Do17 series:

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  1. Yeah, the dornier is big. Didn't realize that before! Spits looking good too!

  2. Nice model...mmm, I need some :)

  3. Indeed. How else would you bomb Biggin Hill?

  4. You have to read the book The Hardest Day: The battle of Britain, 18 August 1940, by Alfred Price. It is about the combats over Britain that day, and tells the attack over Kenly airfield, specially the low level strike by 9/KG76 Dorniers. A lot of info for scenarios!
    You can see the book on my shelfari:

  5. That looks like an interesting book. One of the things I have discovered is that one cannot really read too many books on a subject, there is always a difference of perspective between authors, different sources, etc. This book looks very relevant indeed!

    Sadly, I am becoming more and more prejudiced against paper books as I spend more time with my Kindle, still, I have been known to pick up pbooks from time to time on spesific subjects... This looks like one. Maybe I'll ordrer it up with Adolph Galland's book in january.

    Anyway, I have found that I will try to keep the blog updated with posts on every weekday that I am able to, then go on hiatus for the weekends. Look out for a new post on monday.