tirsdag 6. mars 2012

Transport solutions

Finally starting to get some steam up again after the one-month hiatus due to refurbishing the kitchen. Got in another game Sunday, and will post about that later when I get time, hopefully this week.

Meanwhile, a short glance at my new transport solution for the aircraft models. Previously, I stored the fighters in a small, sectioned plastic box, though as soon as I got the Dorniers I knew this solution was doomed. With these large, two-engine aircraft, I realised I would need something bigger, more flexible - and cheap!

This is the solution I decided to go with. 13 cm tall storage boxes. 10 euros for two is not bad (in Norway at any rate). The foam is from a car supply chain and originally intended for noise dampening in self made/self assembled speaker setups. 18 euros for five sheets, two sheets requred  per box. Total cost of around 14 euros per finished box is about as cheap as it gets over here.

Marking the foam for cutting. The first layer is made up of leftovers and glued into the bottom of the box. The remaining layers are cut slightly too small to make for easy removal from the box.

Ground floor: RAF Fighters - Spits and Hurries for the Battle of Britain.

First floor: 'Emils' and Norwegian Gladiators.

The box is now less than half full, and I have another one I have not started on yet. Likely, I will be able to fit all the aircraft I plan to buy for the Battle of Britain into these two boxes. That is the good thing. The bad thing is that this makes it painfully obvious how pitifully small my collection is - though it should be bulked out fairly quickly, as the majority of the remaining aircraft will be large two-engine aircraft!

Also, I have purchased the bits required to transport my gaming mat in style. Or, style... Well, more on that later!

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  1. I use the same foam, but my box is smaller... is a cigar box (so few planes painted up today...)

  2. That would be a good size, yes, though then each storage box would set me back 300 euros :) Though I guess that if one lives in a town with cigar stores one could always get some empty ones for free there?

    Last year, the store where I got these boxes carried 8 cm high storage boxes that were otherwise the same size, though they were sadly discontinued this year which is why I ended up with 13 cm tall ones. Lower is certainly better when it comes to storing miniatures between layers of foam...