fredag 9. mars 2012

Damned cowlings!

Managed to sneak in some painting the last two evenings, and used that time to complete the second layer of the Dornier's top coat- Vallejo 830 German Fieldgrey WWII. Painting the aircraft was certainly easier this time around compared to the prototype - I am wainting with the cockpit until the rest of the plane is finished, which means I do not have to worry about painting neatly around the windows for now. This was the first time I have had use for my own previous blog posts - I had managed to have two different tables listing the old and new second layer paint code side by side, and by looking up the blog post I made at that time it was easy to find which table was correct.

For some reason, I found that I strongly disliked painting the engine cowlings! Completely irrational, yet there it is. It might have been the need to turn the miniature ever which way to get everything covered. Most likely, I have just gotten spoiled painting single-engine fighters, where the entire painting surface is easily accessible! Most of my painting for the foreseeable future will involve twin-engined aircraft, however (well, apart from a dozen Stukas, some Defiants, Battles...), so I had better just stop whining...!

While I am devoting a lot of my available hobby time to gettting good game aids in place and working on BtH2 Lite, I really hope to get these aircraft finished soon. The cockpits will take some time (small area though very fiddly), yet the only other step remaining is the camo pattern which tends to go on fairly quickly, so there is hope. The after-action reports I have been reading on the web lately all seem to indicate that fighter-only games tend to end up in the swirling furballs of turning dogfights, whereas games involving bombers tend to have a wholly different dynamic with the entire game revolving around the bomber formation. Getting some bombers done should also give me something to do once I decide to umpire multiplayer games!

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