fredag 16. mars 2012

Quick, hide!

Last night, I was able to sit down and finish the camouflage pattern on my Dorniers:

Soon time to bomb Fighter Command - Soon time to order more planes!

Having always thought of camouflage in the sky as somewhat ridiculous - how do you propose to hide a multi-engined aircraft with several crew after all - I just had to mosey on over and see what Wikipedia had to say on the subject.

"Aircraft camouflage is the use of light and color patterns applied to military aircraft for the purpose of making an aircraft more difficult to see on the ground, in the air, or to make its speed, distance or attitude difficult to determine." (Wikipedia)

Fancy that.

Anyway, the article was fairly interesting and answered several questions I had regarding aircraft camouflage - like why the Americans thought shining metal and signal colours was a good way to hide in the sky towards the end of the war - and contained several interesting tidbits, like the fact that camouflage paint - being matte - could reduce the maximum airspeed of an aircraft considerably. Take a look if you are interested:

Well, time to get working on those canopies!

3 kommentarer:

  1. They look good Per. I had no idea that matte paint would decrease an aircraft's speed and performance. Just learned something. Wow.

  2. Very nice job mate!
    Some decals would finish them off nicely

  3. Thanks! Decals will follow as soon as the canopies (brr) are finished.