onsdag 8. februar 2012

Hectic life

Last week, we started refurbishing the kitchen and this has cut heavily into the time (and motivation) I can spare for miniatures. Last night, I got to do the first bit of miniature-related activity in a week, when I slapped the second belly-coat onto the Dorniers. For all I know, it might be another week before I can get anything else done! Additionally, a side project is sneaking time away from the Dorniers. A separate thread is being updated on this and will be posted once the project is complete.

Just prior to starting work on the kitchen, I posted the BtH2 Lite after action report to the Lardies Yahoo Group, and found response pretty positive. Unfortuneately, I have not been able to spare the time to reply there yet - though I hope to get it done before the weekend.

Belly up: Given the second coat, Vallejo 906 Pale Blue. Next will be the first top coat.

Activity will likely be low for the next month or so, until the kitchen is completed.

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