mandag 2. januar 2012

Bag the Hun 2 revision status

Not quite there yet: A scrapped version of the "Out of Control" damage card.

Today's update is one I fear will be quite dreary for anyone but myself. Having started to prep the remaining Dorniers, I finally gave in to that nagging voice which has kept reminding me that I do in fact have everything I need to start playing BtH2, at the least when it comes to the miniatures. The flight stands are ready, game mat received and Hurricanes, Spitfires and Bf109Es are painted. All that remains is to finish revising the BtH2 rules and game aids.

The revision of the BtH2 rules is something I do with the intention of simplifying and speeding up gameplay. The "working title" for the project is Bag the Hun 2 Lite: Battle of Britain (BtH2 Lite: BoB in tags from now on) and contains simplified and streamlined tables, quick reference sheets and a dedicated card deck, as well as separate reference cards for damage effects. Most of the cards and game aids will be suitable for posting, although I will not post the quick reference sheets - they contain a condensed reference version of the game rules, which is hardly proper to distribute.

Anyway, last night I sat down and spent a while going over which elements were complete and which were missing before my revised BtH2 rules could be used to play. The goal is now to get gaming ASAP!

  • Card deck
  • Damage cards
  • Maneuver chart
  • Revised hit effect table
  • Cheat sheet 1: Bogeys, Spotting, Formation
  • Cheat sheet 2: Pre-game and Movement

Remaining before gaming:
  • Getting on tail and staying on tail tables, if possible reducing these to one table (chapter 10)
  • Cheat sheets covering deflection (chapter 10 end), firing (chapter 11), air gunner firing (chapter 12), crash landings (chapter 13 end)
  • Aircraft record sheets for Hurricane, Spitfire and Bf109E
  • Print and prep all game aids and cards

Additionally remaining:
  • Cheat sheets covering flak (chapter 15), ground targets, shipping, bombing and torpedoes (chapters 16-18)
  • Aircraft record sheets for Do17z and other aircraft as they become available
  • Assemble bomber flying stands
  • Transport and storage solution for miniatures and game mat

Well, there you have it. It was a rotten post, yet someone had to post it. What is this blog coming to..?

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  1. Maybe you should submit the "lite" version to Rich for inclusion in a future special. There's a precedence in Lazy TW&T that featured a condensed firetable and was published in one of the specials.

  2. I had considered running the contents by the original designers before posting it, though getting any material published would (of course) suit my ego just fine...

    There is a certain amount of paperwork remaining and I guess it will be months before I have been able to run enough games with it to get any kinks worked out, yet if all goes as planned I will certainly follow your suggestion.

    Thanks for the tip!